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As you probably know, screensaver is a type

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As you probably know, screensaver is a type of software that runs automatically after a certain period of computer inactivity.  The initial intended use was to save monitors from burning down, because if static images were left on a screen for a while, they could become permanently burnt into a fluorescent layer of a monitor.  Currently screensavers do not serve this purpose because the monitors are no longer in danger of being burnt; and yet, screensavers are very popular.  So, what do we need them for?Listed below are the most popular applications of screensavers today - and they are no less important than protecting the monitors from burning down!

1  Entertainment

A lot of people long for entertainment.  They  Laptop Tray Manufacturers want to be entertained at all times and everywhere, including the time when they are sitting behind their computers or even when they are away from them.  Screensavers nowadays are so advanced that they present an entertainment in themselves and can be watched like movies: they show wonders of nature, waterfalls, storms and underwater worlds, with high realism and realistic sound effects.

2  Advertising medium 

Lately screensavers are becoming increasingly popular as an advertising and branding medium.  Companies use screensavers for promoting their products and services, and many companies create screensavers for internal use as well, in order to promote their corporate image.  Screensavers are used not only to feature the company logo; they show company products and services in the most appealing and rememberable way.

3  Security

Screensavers sometimes are password-protected, so if you are away from your computer, and the screensaver has come on, nobody can interrupt it and access your computer without knowing your password.

4  Power distribution

If your computer is connected to global or local network, its capacities can be used by others while it is inactive.  The good example is SETI project (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence).

5  Information

Screensavers can provide you real-time statistics, information of any kind like currency exchange rates, or weather, or traffic, whatever.

Where you can get screensavers:- Use a standard screensaver supplied with Windows;- Use a specialized software that helps to create simple screensaver;- If you are a software engineer, you can write your own software that makes screensavers;- You can buy one individual screensaver

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